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Founded in 2015, Secret House is a Sydney based theatre company specialising in Australian premieres of ground-breaking plays and updating classics for the modern Australian audience.


Past Australian premiere productions include For the Grace of You Go I (KXT, 2022), Albion (Seymour Centre, 2022), Pomona (KXT, 2020), Bird (Old Fitz, 2019), Joseph K (Limelight, 2019), Crime and Punishment (Limelight, 2018), Henna Night (Old Fitz, 2015) and Blink (107 Projects, 2015).


Original adaptations include Chekhov’s The Seagull (Depot, 2017) adapted and directed by Anthony Skuse and Shakespeare’s Troilus and Cressida (Depot, 2018), The Winter’s Tale (Depot, 2017) and Cymbeline (Depot, 2016), adapted and directed by Sean O'Riordan.


"As good as it gets - don't miss this five-star stunner" SYDNEY MORNING HERALD (Albion)


"Can you even do this in the theatre? The triumph of POMONA is how it demonstrates that, yes, you can." SYDNEY MORNING HERALD


"a thriller that keeps you bolted to the edge of your seat." TIME OUT


"A wild and crazy ride - not to be missed!" STAGE NOISE 


"a truly outstanding moment in theatre" SYDNEY SCOOP

“Secret House Theatre Company has done what no big budget, small budget, opera house or black box studio could do. I am converted. This version of The Seagull has taken me by the hand and gently walked me to a place of understanding. And no one is more astonished than I.” Sydney Arts Guide

"Cleverly adapted, beautifully designed and expertly cast, there is nothing to fear from this Seagull – it is immensely watchable and entirely relatable for the modern audience ... Secret House are known for breathing new life into Shakespeare’s more obscure works. It is a magic that they have now applied to Chekhov." Au Review

"This show will have you both laughing and crying. You will be moved and captivated by the magic of this vividly performed, theatrical experience." Sydney Arts Guide

"It is in this context, that Sean O’Riordan’s interpretation of The Winter’s Tale and its emphasis on clarity of language, emerges as one of the best adaptations of Shakespeare I have seen in my time as a reviewer." Lisa Thatcher

"Cymbeline is a phenomenal piece of contemporary Shakespeare and I highly recommend checking it out." The Buzz From Sydney

“Secret House and O’Riordan have demonstrated they know what it takes to put on a convincing, entertaining Shakespearean event. This production wrangles what is often viewed as a convoluted, overladen play into a surprisingly amusing and compelling night of theatre.” The AU Review


“Secret House has come up with a captivating two hour adaptation of Shakespeare’s great love tragedy, in modern dress and using the original language and plot.   This stripped down new version is fast-paced and features an ensemble of just eleven actors skilfully playing some twenty seven roles...With this  production Secret House has delivered an Antony and Cleopatra that works well for a contemporary audience...Recommended.” Sydney Arts Guide

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